Some quotes and comments based on the initial feedback to the Whitehouse 12" single Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel (updated 27/08/03):

"Well, I actually only got it this morning, so I can't comment in-depth as I've only listened to it twice. On first listening, I like it alot - great sounds, but the lyrics and the way there're sung in places are just "?!". That's not necessarily a bad thing though, but they did fly over my head completely. Maybe I'll 'get' it on further listening. I heard a rumour about who the lyrics may be about, but I'm currently sworn to secrecy by that person! Overall, the track does remind of "Cruise". I was more
into the instrumental version. So, when's the Aphex Twin remix?"

"WRIGGLE sounds it the vinyl? The B-Side in particular is awe-inspiring."

"Best Whitehouse track I've heard in years. Maybe vinyl suits them better than CD. A huge development soundwise too. Really looking forward to the album."

"Great track, I scared my neighbours with it!"

"Wonderful aural assault ­ the best vocal performance to date, I'd say."

"What we heard is proof positive why Whitehouse is and will always be the best band period. Wriggle is truly a masterpiece, we can`t stop listening to it. It is amazing, the vocals never let up and the music is unbelievable. It's so over the top. If this is a sample of what Birdseed is going to be like, we hope the world is ready for it. Shit, the US is still trying to get over September 11th and now this."

"The vinyl my god it is so thick and heavy...plays like a dream and sounds fucking great. My new dance favorite...well wiggly fav any ways... great lyrics... Bird Seed looks to be bloody good."

"Sounding much like the previous 12", Cruise (Force the Truth), Bennett and the boys have managed to record an absolutely brilliant post-Cruise/pre-Bird Seed track. It definitely sounds as if it was recorded during the Cruise sessions and not for the upcoming Bird Seed album. Maybe both albums were recorded at the same time. This release makes the perfect bridge between the two albums. Not including it on Cruise was a wise move, indeed. The sound of this track would have been much too similar to Cruise (FTT), Princess Disease and Just Like A Cunt which would make the album stale (it was verging on stale to begin with). However, if it was included on Cruise, I think it would have gotten my vote for the best track on the album. By holding on to it Whitehouse now have another highly sought after slab of ultra thick vinyl for the collector. And collectible it will be, as it sold out in the pre-order stage and never made it to the general market. The quality of the production is top notch. 220gm vinyl with 4 and a half minutes on the A side and 7 and a half minutes on side B will give the best possible sound for a vinyl record. The grooves are well spaced and deep enough to allow for maximum frequency range. Knowing Bennett's quest for the highest quality, I'm surprised that it wasn't cut at 45rpm.
The track itself has a very chaotic bed of sounds. There are repetitive and extremely distorted, hyperactive synth bass lines with what sounds like a synthesized air raid siren screaming over the top. Add some of the best vocals by Bennett yet and you have one of the best Whitehouse tracks to date. There is no doubt that Whitehouse hasn't lost their sense of humor. The lyrics are hilarious as always. Can someone tell me what the hell "Face the Feast of Powder" means? Flip the record and scream like Bennett in Whitehouse Karaoke style, you freak. 'Stop giggling chicken-skin!' "

"This is real hardcore punk trash - Jello Biafra would be amazed if he'd hear it. Unfortunately I can't understand the meaning of it, but the sound blows me away. More of this fucking shit - all the best."

"It's sad to report that Whitehouse will never be as intense as they were performing Live aktion 5/"Whore Cull" on the amazing Broken Flag compilation NEUENGAMME. Their new DJ 12" "Wriggle like a fucking worm" sounds like CRUISE: fast delayed electronics with no real lowend or intense feedback. Bennett shrieks intensely like an old woman."

"This is truly amazing! There is nothing to compare this to. It is uncomfortably intense from start to finish. The words are shouted in a rapid fire fashion, which sounds painfully angry and hateful. It is bizarre, incomparable and most of all brutal."

"The song is one of my favorite Whitehouse songs ever. I can't make out every word, but have a vague idea about what it is about, but I won't make any assumptions until Bird Seed is released. I am really looking forward to it."

"Wriggle - it totaly floored me, if this is a taster of what's to come with the BIRDSEED CD, I cant wait I feel like I've just heard WHITEHOUSE for the 1st time all over again..."


"Amazing sounds and words - a new level."

"Just got the record in the mail yesterday, thanks for being so amazingly quick w/ shipment. All I can say is: holy SHIT. My expectations, whatever they may have been, were quickly blown away. I can only imagine what the entirety of "Bird Seed" is going to be like after hearing this sample..."

"When I heard the title and then saw the sleeve, I had a good feeling but nothing could've prepared me for this weird sound - kinda catchy almost but difficult to describe."

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