last updated 12 March 2008 - English language unless stated

9/11 Revealed - Ian Henshall / Rowland Morgan (Robinson) - ISBN 1-84529-140-9 (genre: NON-FICTION)
We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow You Will Be Killed With Our Families
- Philip Gourevitch (Picador) - ISBN 0-330-37121-5 (genre: NON-FICTION)
The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man - Robert M. Price (Prometheus) ISBN 1-59102-121-9 (genre: NON-FICTION)
In The Time Of Madness
- Richard Lloyd Parry (Vintage) - ISBN 0-099-48145-6 (genre: NON-FICTION)
- Jared Diamond (Penguin) ISBN (genre: NON-FICTION)
An Actor Prepares - Stanislavski (Routledge/Theater Arts Books) ISBN (genre: NON-FICTION)
Straw Dogs - John Gray (Granta) - ISBN 1-86207-512-3 (genre: NON-FICTION)
Suns Of God
- Acharya S. (genre: NON-FICTION)
Dangerous Men & Adventurous Women - Jayne Ann Krentz (University of Pennsylvania Press) - ISBN 0812214110 (genre: NON-FICTION)
L'il Miss Sticky Kiss - Trevor Brown (Pan-Exotica) - ISBN 4-309-90565-X (genre: ART)
Karla: A Pact With The Devil - Stephen Williams (Cantos) ISBN 2-89594-000-2 (genre: NON-FICTION)
Celsus, on the True Doctrine (genre: NON-FICTION)
King Leopold's Ghost
- Adam Hochschild (genre: NON-FICTION)
The Devil's Pulpit
Rev. Robert Taylor (Kessinger Publishing) ISBN 1-56459-173-5 (genre: NON-FICTION)
Pornography - Andrea Dworkin (genre: GENDER STUDIES)
Reefer Madness
- Eric Schlosser ( (genre: NON-FICTION)
The Birds
- Camille Paglia (BFI Publishing) ISBN 0-85710-651-7 (genre: NON-FICTION)
The Christ Myth - Arthur Drews (genre: NON-FICTION)
The New Encyclopedia Of Stage Hypnotism
Ormond McGill
- (genre: NON-FICTION)
- Marya Hornbacher (genre: AUTOBIOGRAPHY)
Have Gun Will Travel - Ronin Ro (genre: NON-FICTION)
The Encyclopaedia Of Psychoactive Substances Richard Rudgley (genre: NON-FICTION)
The Jesus Puzzle
- Earl Doherty (Canadian Humanist Publications) ISBN 0-9686014-0-5 (genre: NON-FICTION)

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