Postscript to 'The View From 2001' by Gary Simmons

The following is a section of a letter which I received from Mark Ritchie of Kaw Tapes in response to a sample cassette of Whitehouse material I sent him in April 2001.

"Hi Gary -

Listening to the Whitehouse tape... this 1st 'song' (Dance The Desperate Breath - Cruise CD version) reminds me of a song on the Manics' 'Holy Bible' - their best LP, heard it? Even if you don't like the Manics, you might like that LP! - is this about a guy making someone anorexic, like keeping her as a hostage or something? It's kind of hard to tell 'cos of the spooky whispering. The live version of this (from the Live Action 86 audiotape) sounds bloody awful, though. Track 3 (Cruise (Force The Truth) - Cruise CD version) sounds crap too, to my ears. Some of the lyrics are good but the presentation is way too extreme for me. Some of the almost-ambient stuff is okay (Quality Time live, from the Live Action 72 audiotape) but the stupid voice ruins it. I can't believe this is the band I've heard raved about in zines like DDDD, etc. I don't think I'll ever be able to understand how anyone can listen to this stuff for pleasure.

I've taken it off now 'cos it was giving me a headache. Sorry, Gary! I tried to like Whitehouse, but it ain't going to happen! Thank you for doing the tape though.

Anyway, I'll carry on with the letter (if you haven't already thrown it down in disgust and disowned me!). Thanks for the birthday card..."

Really fucking entertaining.

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