Whitehouse article in US magazine (1984)

Live Action (6-12-1984) - The Foolkiller Kc, MO - a concert that never took place.

The censoring of Whitehouse's scheduled appearance at Kansas City's Foolkiller Theatre on 6/12/84 is evidence of a problem: people have been conditioned, become inhibited, and less tolerant of deviant ways. Upon further examination of the wound area suppuration and maggot-infestation were revealed. Rumours forced the cancellation and fear and idiocy were the deciding factors in Foolkiller's organically grown proprietress's final decision to cancel Whitehouse "don't want that kind of thing here". And just what is the difference between the ultra-attack of Whitehouse and the hardcore guitar thrash shit that seems to continually spew forth from some clogged over-flowing toilet called the American garage. New tactics must be devised and a precise and accurate force must be exercised in the necessary operation of a collective effort to cast out the oligarchy of demons that have established and maintained the present scenari0o. An aesthetic purgation is required. Whitehouse is up to this challenge, as they attack and ultimately dominate the listener and thereby leaving the listener with two options: to leave or continue the affliction. A true act of inspired will. Whitehouse convey through sound the reality of violence, conflict, and aggression. A Whitehouse live action is not something you can go home from and forget about as you revert to your normal self, replacing nuwave regalia for consumer togs. It is here where separation can be found. The hardcore scene is a perpetual Halloween based entirely on image and mass appeal with nothing taken seriously. Hardcore is insipid entertainment and as real and violent ans professional wrestling. Is the realism of Whitehouse too much for viewers, listeners, promoters, record distributors, radio stations, etc.? Is it because these very same hip people are revealed for what they are, hypocrites and dreamers posing as violent, untamed, virile, pierced, multi-plumed, leather-bound Spartans? In reality, they are costumed clowns easily intimidated sheep afraid to deviate from the flock. People such as this are mass-produced-manipulated and become so much spam or head cheese. By inciting the will Whitehouse liberate those sheep who wish to be freed from restraints of the herd. When they say someone has to be re-educated, that means they had to be crushed to bits after torture. Our society is an unsuspecting test animal of chemical, biological, radiological, and subliminal campaign in a clandestine effort to control human behaviour. Whitehouse isn't trying to entertain or entice consumers. Their gigs are no barrage of hits and new ground. Whitehouse is a surrogate bludgeon to be used in a campaign against idiots and their ilk, clad in jeans, jackets the collar upturned. They shamble the streets behind mirrored shades rejecting the world and communication in favour of the Walkman's isolation. If it weren't for Whitehouse's existence and efforts the silence of the Louisville slugger as it crushes your skull as you listen to your favourite tunes would no longer be fantasy.

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