Extreme Music From Japan CD review

Each track on this is exclusively made for this comp. This compilation offers a wide view of some of the amazing talent coming out of the Japanese noise underground. There are the regular noise greats like Masonna, Merzbow, Incapacitants, etc.; and also a few less established acts like Government Alpha and What A Smell. My personal favorite here is the wacky noise fest by Niku-Zidousha, "Untitled". This song sounds like a cross between a broken video game, a Japanese mental patient, and pure feedback all fighting to take control. Or something. Other notables are Gerogerigegege "Her Name's On My Cock", which has low rumbling feedback and a distorted death metal-ish voice, and What a Smell "Oral Ejaculation", which is simply a very well-done flat noise onslaught. Merzbow, Incapacitants, Hijokaiden, and Masonna are their usual harsh-ass fucked up distorted-beyond-belief selves, except on a couple Masonna tracks there are interesting guitar interludes interrupting the noise. The other tracks from the unfamiliar acts Government Alpha and Hentaitenno are no disappointment either. A very good representation of the finest noise Japan has to offer (despite the fact that Aube was discluded for some reason).

rating: 8.5/10
[Feb. 23, 1996]


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