Whitehouse - Cruise CD review

Who gives a fuck anymore about the « controversy » arising after every new Whitehouse album ? A Whitehouse album is in itself something special. People seem nowadays to prefer talking about it then truly listening to it. And in this regard, « Cruise » is the logical follow-up to « Mummy And Daddy » : frenzied vocals and processed noise give birth to hysterical maniacal tracks of sublime violence (but in a somewhat less intense way than its predecessor, notably on « Dance The Desperate Breath »). Notwithstanding all the crap that has been said about it, this assault stands proud on its feet. Maximum volume brings maximum pain. And that is all we really want, or need. « Cruise (Force The Truth) » is an instant classic. Whitehouse need to take lessons from no one, and the genius is in the raw attack more than in the actual harshness of the sound, as it has been since « Great White Death ».The connoisseur will appreciate Sotos' allways amusing contributions, while the lame « critic » will rant childishly on how Bennett offers « Just Like A Cunt » unremixed at the end of the CD. So what ? In fact there is nothing else to say.

Klaus Charnier for Acephale


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