latest Whitehouse press release (updated 05/08/11)                       

 "Makes The Sex Pistols seem like Atomic Kitten." The Guardian, 2002

"...most of us would find their music unlistenable." Mojo, 2001



- founded in London in 1980

- recently featured as world's #1 extreme music artists on the BBC Radio One extreme music documentary 'This Is Hardcore'

- one of the 50 most influential groups ever according to Alternative Press

- one of the world's most 20 outrageous groups according to Kerrang! magazine (10/2004)

- 18 albums recorded, most recent being 2007's revolutionary new Racket

- live actions have been performed worldwide including all over Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan



- classically-trained founding member of group in 1980 at age 18

- pioneer of noise and extreme electronic music

- also international DJ in recent years

- arts symposium talks

- has recently written feature articles for Bizarre and Vice magazines


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