Whitehouse - Live Action 97 review by " " [sic] Goldie, 6th December 2002 - Bilborock, Bilbao, SPAIN

"How can you just use them up and throw them away?"

The venue is grand big shithouse church in fact high ceiling packed beautifully located spectacular attracted fans but it's majoritively 'neutrals' rare scenario lengthy pregnant silence miniscus drags mesmerised proselytes under a fucking relief after the previous slovenly lostalgic flakes squandered perfectly good resources including time smug complacent steattorrhoea steatosis shh flush sacked so fucking sacked Whitehouse emerge 'at last' from the priesthole to slit the fat and dish seething priestcraft scarfegral cess invaginates with a powerful beginning 'Titpulp' good form linear chiseller Phillip Best pent up peripheral vision pacing turns to confront with bellicose vocal blocks concise in a livid petite gauleiter manner thin spiky hair red or pink shirt tucked in trousers riding high he looks quite swashbuckling William Bennett exhibit skulks hunched shadowy sporting a 'crappy' thin khaki 'body-warmer' 'cheesy' on a bare torso sunglasses 'regular' hairstyle centre-parted he'll soon shift gear and gnash at the precincts the show is immediately fucking compelling energising amusing a bunch of leads thrown over petulant koala Best standing there lashed composed draped in black veins enmeshed spitting ululates they have little cans of lager no mineral water this time spit flies sepulchral both sing with or without microphones the spectacle of a mouth making words you can't hear is somehow powerful Pasolini used it in Salo poor "devocalised" vivisected baboons etc insectivorous mammal Bennett bushbaby Best fuming hating beltbuckle flashing ventriloquist no security guards sheets of vivid high pitched feedbac deflagrate "Come on, boy. You're home. Come and face the feast of powder. What's it like to wet your foot in a cold swimming pool? What does your voice sound like underwater? Can you do the chlorine gargoyle? Can you do the chickenskin swim? Can you wriggle like an eel? Wriggle like a fucking eel." Peristaltic reflux Barrymore's catamite fright night hyper-parasite? anal hymen in 'tatters' smithereens priceless funny funny slaughter laughter augh ugh ug glug u vivisection "forced swim test" their moves and tricks 'stagecraft' are hysterical yet the show is visceral and compelling unflinching when cigarette packets and beakers float and crunch 'cooly indifferent' to 'spit' bespattering them both complex it's a laugh complex it's bathetic it's a powerful situation dark exciting soppy strange to think of what! they've had thrown at them thrown back over twenty odd years 'burlesque' tasty racy what were you thinking don't abuse your power yet fragile valid "because I know you'll scream and tell the whole fucking world...another cup of instant coffee, another plastic spoon, another table routine. What's so fucking clever about that? You little cunt. You little cunt!" Bennett orchestrates some crowd participation "ROCK!...AND!...ROLL!" Left to right Best's beside him "Say it! You fucking wankers." We love it laughing peers flake rock's rich vocabulary to deconstruct and fuck back coprophag back into 'english' phlegmatic 'nihilistic' broadsides "another tube of shitpaste" from rabid Best somehow that mouth was built to bark and spew 'cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt' until some cunt faints 'personal' waspish Bennett is pitter-pattering his tongue frothing the saliva vulpine lobotomised viagra-b-zombie somnambulist auto-intoxicated testosterosa shuffles then makes a sudden move mantis 'birdspeed' giving a thumbs up sign weevily gyrating or bumping 'n grinding sargeant rodent officer who laughs Bennett somehow manages never to laugh they compliment 'eachother' nicely like Derek 'n Clive seemingly doing the job as discussed having a bleedin' bubble bath and genuinely winding each other up provoking each other improvising pushing it somewhere new sarcoma someone's got his cock in a beaker but friends of the band dissuade before a drop of pre-cum urine is flung "complete condescension...I'll even believe in what they call human...fantasize the details force the obvious" the 'riff' gets inside my head like a half starved parasite fitting feasting at last so fucking compelling menacing hysterical forwards backwards combined gets me in the pit of my stomach power electronics pass current rinse oscillate thrill they lower it with 'Birdseed' Bennett quietly saying "I'll tell you why it's the best one yet and then you can look back on it all and say this is the best thing that ever happened to me and see why you never became what you wanted to be" over a shrill bird-song like swarf then exits as Best 'solos' with some! exceptional 'victorious' poses mouthing "YEAHHH!" over a stream of 'quotes' by rapees etc "you remember what he said what did he say...this is you...what else was I supposed to do...it flashes on my mind time after time...unspeakable" recorded off the tele 'triumphant' he must be "hoarse as a fucking butterfly" rodomontade it's fucking funny? Swarfega'll do for you wee man what does William get up to in the meantime re-appears ethereal and this final section is the most powerful 'Princess Disease' bleeds into 'A Cunt Like You' haemorrhages acceleration shards embed pulse so funky choppers encircle shudder "shake it fucking shake it baby you'll never be the same again fucking stereotype you take just like a cunt cunt fucks just like a cunt you ache just like a cunt you break just like a cunt wrap up pull yourself together you're a fucking mess he's glancing at that snatch of wizening cleavage you must be fucking joking cunt even his disgusting half erection is disgusted" somehow they've increased the pressure thresh pulsulat bass stabs and enclumps catchy they're really concentrating! on the sound tweaking the samplers juddering signalling to the Father Christmas sound man anxious re: disgraceful tinnitus 'but' I can't resist removing my earplugs to feel the full effect anyway 'Bennett' suddenly freaks and charges a psychotic snap clockwork dolly hysterical Stepford wife automaton high speed forwards moonwalk-cum-stagger with staccato shriek to whither saucebox 'Best' chuckling as he sidesteps the oncoming weevily succubus who moments later pounces from behind and Best slams hard onto his back tortoise beached both? get up and fling open the sluicegates "so fucking cheap and still you're saying nothing happened?" some audience dances boy on boy bump 'n grind classic girl high heeled disco dance boy solitary moshing boy solitary introverted shuffling back and forth kicking beakers lots of 'thumbs up' 'wanker' 'v-signs' 'fuck you finger' 'fist' etc "listen to the sound of being alive" apparently Myra Hindley lured and poisoned the pigeons and was re-located plenum 'Movement 2000' pyroclastic flow quietus no 'antics' both take to their respective lecterns and twist the samplers heads tilted back degraded sublime steady simple linear high pitched instrumental engrossing pure headfucking levitating wave so abstract so musical skeins snare sitic you will empathise "the words that slide out of their lazy holes are the same as any other road noise noise as sad representation a safe remove aggrandising desperate resigned and ultimate separation but they're words I collect words I fuck say it: only words say it: monster"
"So better to just shut your fucking mouth"

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