anthology 1 (come organisation archives 1979-1981) double CD


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It all began with the strange and obscure 7" single come sunday in 1979. Presented here are the seminal works of the group come as featured on the rampton LP, all four tracks from the ground-breaking experimental compilation the second coming, and the extraordinary and legendary LPs the 150 murderous passions and the bizarre bradford red light district. Nowadays, the originals of these records fetch some of the top prices in the record collecting world. Here for the first time, these classic works can now be appreciated in the highest quality digitally remastered format.

 come - come sunday
- the trenches
- sex
- rampton 1
- rampton 2
- shaved slits 2
- in country
whitehouse - shitfun 2
nurse with wound (+ jim thirlwell) - untitled
the sodality - coprophilia
the 150 murderous passions - part one

the 150 murderous passions - part two
bradford red light district - part one
bradford red light district - part two

susan lawly 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1990, 1998