The brand new album from Whitehouse is finally here. Featuring 6 new tracks exhibiting the even more revolutionary new style first pioneered with 2001's 'Cruise' masterpiece.
$20.99 US
WHITEHOUSE - Wriggle (12" single)
The new and already legendary 12" single from Whitehouse - featuring the first new material since 2001's Cruise album. Coming in a glossy picture sleeve, it is already a collectors' item. B-side is an exclusive extended instrumental version over 7 minutes long.
$17.99 US

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Anthology 2, Come Organisation archives 1981-1982 (CD)
Following the success of the Anthology 1 2CD set, which collated the very earliest Come Organisation releases, we now proudly present Anthology 2. Featuring more material from some of the rarest and most collectable LPs of the era, it includes the entire Come album I'm Jack - one of the most desperately depressing recordings of all time; highlights from the conceptually bizarre Fur Ilse Koch compilation - note in particular Philip Best's earliest project Consumer Electronics; and three tracks from Maurizio Bianchi's Leibstandarte project of uniquely doom-laden electronic soundscapes. Some of the most overtly downbeat music ever created is showcased here, and for the first time in highest quality digitally remastered format.

$20.99 US

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Extreme Music From Japan (CD)
First in the Extreme Music series. This special CD is a result of almost two years of invitations and extensive audition reports conducted by Susan Lawly in collaboration with Shunya Suzuki in Japan to compile the absolute best of the new and established Japanese groups in the field. All tracks have been exclusively recorded for this classic collection. Artwork by Romain Slocombe.
$20.99 US

Latest, highly-acclaimed and influential album by Whitehouse. Features seven incredible tracks including 'Public', recorded by Steve Albini with Peter Sotos in Chicago.
$20.99 US

WHITEHOUSE - Buchenwald (CD)
Extremely dark, chilling and sinister recording - the fifth Whitehouse album. Features four tracks including the extended epic title track.
$20.99 US

WHITEHOUSE - Great White Death Special Edition (CD)
One of the classic Whitehouse albums digitally remastered - this Special Edition features the bonus track of the epic version of 'My Cock's On Fire'.
$20.99 US

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Extreme Music From Africa (CD)
As a follow-up to Extreme Music From Japan, this CD was compiled and co-ordinated after exhaustive research through special contacts from countries as diverse as Morocco, Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda - and the Internet by William Bennett, this extraordinary compilation results in a totally unique vision of a totally unique continent.
$20.99 US

WHITEHOUSE - New Britain (CD)
Classic extreme electronica recorded in 1982 - still recognised today as one of the coldest pieces of music ever recorded.
$20.99 US

WHITEHOUSE - Dedicated to Peter Kurten (CD)
The fourth Whitehouse album, recorded in 1981 is probably the most extreme music ever made.
$20.99 US

WHITEHOUSE - Quality Time (CD)
Produced by Steve Albini in Chicago - features photos by Akiko Hada and luscious artwork by Trevor Brown.
$20.99 US

Legendary third Whitehouse album - recognised as the inspiration and influence behind the Japanese noise genre and much of today's extreme electronica.
$20.99 US

Classic second Whitehouse album CD reissue with two bonus tracks from the United Dairies' 'Hoisting The Black Flag' compilation.
$20.99 US

WHITEHOUSE - Mummy And Daddy (CD)
New 'black' third edition version of the penultimate Whitehouse release features the definitive and controversial 14 minute track 'Daddo' - beautiful and exclusive Trevor Brown artwork in newly remastered booklet. NB - the CD and musical contents of this version remain unchanged.
$20.99 US

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Anthology 1, Come Organisation archives 1979-81 (2CD)
It all began with the strange and obscure 7" single 'Come Sunday' in 1979. Presented here are the seminal works of the group Come as featured on the 'Rampton' LP, all four tracks from the ground-breaking experimental compilation 'The Second Coming', and the extraordinary and legendary LPs 'The 150 Murderous Passions' and the bizarre 'Bradford Red Light District'. Nowadays, the originals of these records fetch some of the highest prices in the record collection world. Here for the first time, these classic works can be appreciated in the highest quality digitally remastered format.
$26.99 US

WHITEHOUSE - Twice Is Not Enough Special Edition (CD)
Special edition version CD featuring two complete Whitehouse albums: 'Twice Is Not Enough' and 'Never Forget Death'.
$20.99 US