whitehouse twice is not enough special edition CD


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to die - neronia - fanatics - heads you lose - the white whip

masters of the overviolence - revolution - twice is not enough

never forget death - now is the time - asking for it - torture chamber

tracks 1-8 from SLCD004 twice is not enough (1991)

tracks 9-12 from SLCD005 never forget death (1992)

1,4,5,6,7,8 produced by w.bennett and d.kenny

2 produced by w.bennett and s.albini

3 produced by w.bennett and scorpio

9,10,11.12 produced by w.bennett and ott

cover art by trevor brown

new digital remastering by denis blackham at country masters

graphic design by alan gifford

SUSAN LAWLY 1990,1991,1999