anthology 2 (come organisation archives 1981-82) CD


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Following the success of the Anthology 1 2CD set, which collated the very earliest Come Organisation releases, we now proudly present Anthology 2. Featuring more material from some of the rarest and most collectable LPs of the era, it includes the entire Come album Iím Jack - one of the most desperately depressing recordings of all time; highlights from the conceptually bizarre Fur Ilse Koch compilation - note in particular Philip Bestís earliest project Consumer Electronics; and three tracks from Maurizio Bianchiís Leibstandarte project of uniquely doom-laden electronic soundscapes. Some of the most overtly downbeat music ever created is showcased here, and for the first time in highest quality digitally remastered format.


Come - By God's Very Own Fuck
Musique Concret
- Exit
Nurse With Wound
- Fashioned To A Device Behind A Tree
Consumer Electronics
- Lebensraum
Etat Brut
- Necro

Come - President Your Prick's Stiff
Leibstandarte SS MB
- Plutoniumetrio / Endoradiation / SS20 Attack

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